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শুধু মাত্র পুরুষদের কম্পউটার প্রশিক্ষনে ভর্তি চলছে।

Pos Software

Point of sales software.
Sale Register:
>Sale as POS
>Sales Return
>Missed Sales
>Sales Discount Report
>Sales and Return report
>Sale and Cash Collection
>Individual Customer wise Sale report
>All Customer wise Sale report
>Category wise Sale report
>POS Sale report
>Search and Add Customer
>Ledger book of Customer
>Collection From Customer
>Payment To Customer
>Customer Payable
>Customer Receivable
>All Customer Collection Report
>Individual Customer Collection report
>Due Report
>Due Collection Report
>Send Ledger SMS

Purchase Register:
>Purchase Return
>Missed Purchase
>Purchase Discount Report
>Invoice wise Purchase Report
>Purchase and Return Report
>Individual Supplier Wise Purchase and Return report

Search and Add supplier:
>Ledger book of Suppliers
>Pay to Suppliers
>Collection From Suppliers
>Suppliers Payable
>Suppliers Receivable
>Supplier payment report
>Individual payment to Supplier with report
>All supplier due reports

Add Cash bank and Lists:
>Add Capital

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